Hat Wearing Tips For Larger Ladies

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In terms of fashion sense, larger size women can have just as much as anyone else, most importantly when choosing the right accessories. Heavy-set women can spice up their outfit with a hat. These tips will explain the best ways for larger women to wear a hat.

Be informed of simple rules for hats. There a few rules for hat wearing as an adult. As a woman of larger size, you cannot hope to use any particular hat and still have it look proper when wearing it. Make sure you know the headwear rules. Petite frames can wear smaller hats that don’t have large, floppy brims – baseball caps are examples. Heavier women should avoid hats of this kind. On a larger frame, you need to have a big, floppy hat! Larger women can pull off this type of bold hat, as it suits their frames.

Balance out the hat. When you are wearing your hat, the brim should suit the shape of your shoulders so that there is equilibrium.

Make sure the hat complements your face. Hat and the face shape should agree especially if you are a plus-size woman. Head gear with thin brims is ideal for heavier-set women with oblong faces. These bring out the length of a larger face. A soft brim that curls or falls lifts upward would be ideal hat for this face shape. There are many variations to an oval face, so it is good to simply look through pictures of other plus-sized ladies that have a similar face to yours, and pick a hat that is like the one they are wearing.

Ladies with round faces are OK too – there are lots of choices out there. Larger, rounder faces don’t look great with a hat of similar shape, so bigger girls go for a jauntier shape, since these will contrast with the roundness of face.

Avoid a Fedora style. As exotic and stylish as they are, fedoras are just too hard to look fashionable in. Not only do you need the right face shape and the right bone structure, but also a certain shape of head for it to look appropriate. Not to worry though, there are many other fantastic and modish choices that will compliment your big and beautiful shape. You are bound to get lots of compliments on your stylish hat.




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Hat Wearing Tips For Larger Ladies

In terms of fashion sense, larger size women can have just as much as anyone else, most importantly when choosing the right accessories. Heavy-set...